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been a while for the Awesome Aussie.  Thy fresh hot slab of tender aussie beef if a mountain of male pleasure in the form of a super-white, thick-thick whole milk MILKSHAKE, bringing all the boys to his yard.  Power-bottom extraordinaire, but also versatile, there is much fun to be had with Troy in all the ways you might dream about.  

that’s quite a belly hole!  resring place for your corona while making out, grab  handful of those snow white man breasteses imagine how soft and smooth yet thick and bulky he is.  and not as flabby as you may imagine.

major swoon for the Awesome Aussie.

He’s amazingly sexy

Lords of Kobol……

What thebigbearcave said. 👍😛😘

I was only responding to what karmelkub said ♥

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